From one Mom to another Mom-“SHUT THE F’ UP!!!!!”

I apologize for this post.  I have reached my limit!  You know who you are.  The Mom (and sometimes the Dad)  who decides they need to tell me to punish my 11 year old son for his misbehavior or worst yet tell my son how disrespectful he is being to those around him.   Just Shut Up! You are being an IGNORANT BITCH!

I little about what I am talking about first.  When Topper turned about 4 I realized our days of trying to get through a small shopping errand were getting hard.  By 5 I really couldn’t put him through it unless there was no way around it and then like some parents of children know, it was a procedure to get through the 5 minutes inside the Target.

Short break from my anger- Look how cute he is!  I found this photo of topper when he was just 4 years old.  Our last family vacation and when I realized he needed a swim suit he could not take off. (But that is another story.)

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What happened has happened before.  Somehow I always managed to have tolerance with these people because I felt if they knew they probably would not have said anything.  Recently it happened and I felt so angry I really wanted to slap her.  I briefly even felt as though I wanted to tell her what I a horrible job her mother did on raising her.  Unfortunately I couldn’t.  Yes I said unfortunately because I still feel like it and it has been a few days since this incident happened.  I was in the store getting a prescription for Topper after one of his doctors appointments.  I needed to be home for my other kids whom were getting home from school and with my husband in training it made evening shopping impossible.  I needed to stop and get the medicine with Topper.

Exams are tough on him he does not like being touched or waiting in a packed, noisy waiting room.  I was so proud of him I thought it went pretty well.  I know after that stimuli I was pushing the envelope.  When we arrived he had to wait again for the prescription to be filled, even though we had called it in so it could be ready.  There was another mom with a baby whom was crying and obviously not feeling well.  Topper was covering his ears and trying to get through it but soon he was also crying although at 11 it is much louder than a baby.  Topper is non-verbal and at this point in his life it is obvious he is “Different”.  Over by the RX Drop Off area is another mother whom is with her daughter about Topper’s age (a cute girl).  She asks her Mom why he was screaming and her Mom says not all children behave as well as you.  That’s not all, she went on to say things like his Mom needs to spank him on his butt, his Mom needs to put him in time out etc.  I put up with it.  Quite honestly I was too busy with Topper to do anything about it and I know I am doing all I can to be a good mother.   After what seemed to be an eternity the RX was ready.  As I am coaxing Topper to come with me as we had to walk past the crying baby he begins to pull back from our hand holding.  I ran my debit card to the cashier and ran back to Topper whom was about 10 feet from the cashier because Topper runs away. Then I hear the cashier say you are all ready Mam and I ran to get it and ran back to Topper.  Just then out of this woman’s mouth came, “YOU need to be more respectful of everybody else’s feelings young man!”   Topper was looking at her and the hurt on his face was enough to make me cry.  He knew what she said and it hurt his feelings.  It is hard enough on him!  I know he hates not being able to be “perfect” at these things.  I was so angry I started shaking.

I took Topper by the hand and we left the store. As we are walking to the car I told him some people have no idea what they are talking about and she was one of them. I was proud of him and thought he did very well. Unfortunately this world was full of nasty people and I was sorry he had to meet one of them today. I said if I could change anything it would be the way people treat each other, that I was still working on that.

Now back to you,  IGNORANT BITCH,  Never talk to my son again.  Don’t even look at him.  Be thankful for your blessings and be very thankful my son and your daughter were present that afternoon so I resisted the urge to kick your ass all over the Target!  No parent wants your advice even parents of “regular” children or they would ask for it.  I do not know any parent that would grant you permission to belittle their child.  If you were a little less self absorbed you would have realized Topper has some challenges.

If I was the type of person to give unsolicited parenting advice,  my advice to you would be to pay attention.  You missed a golden opportunity to teach your daughter a valuable lesson about compassion and tolerance.  Because you missed that opportunity unfortunately your daughter will see people’s differences as an annoyance just like you do. Just what the world needs another mean person.

8db9795b7673126fdc88b582f138738f          To my readers Thank You for lending your ear for me to vent.  Why does this happen?  How do you handle things like this.  I know it is not just for “special parents”   I also know my days of ignoring it are over.  Let me know what you do.


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  1. Barbara @ Just Another Manic Mommy · · Reply

    he’s adorable 🙂 and times like these are when I say over and over I HATE PEOPLE (vent away…) I would have fantasized about telling that person off but I’m so bad at confrontation.

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